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Coroner Protocols
Coroners are required by law to report the information pertaining to a SIDS death within 24 hours after the gross autopsy. The coroner should report the death to the health department of residence. The Coroner should also complete a Coroner Notification Card CDPH 4411 (7/07) and send it to the California SIDS Program. For more information or to request forms, please contact the California SIDS Program.

Autopsy and Death Scene Protocols
The following documents will assist coroners and medical examiners to determine the mode, manner and cause of death in cases where an infant dies suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • SIDS Protocol Cover Letter (pdf 414kb)

  • Death Scene Investigation Protocol (pdf 114kb)

  • Death Scene Instructions (pdf 49kb)

  • Standardized Autopsy Protocol (pdf 96kb)

  • For more information or to request materials, please contact:

    California Department of Public Health
    Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division
    Epidemiology, Assessment and Program Development Section
    1615 Capitol Ave., MS 8304
    PO Box 997420
    Sacramento, CA 95899-7420
    916-650-0308 (Fax)

    Public Health Nurse Protocols
    Public health nurses are required to submit the Public Health Services Report Form within 30 days of the date of the presumed SIDS death to the California SIDS Program. The Report of Contact Form is also requested along with the infant's birth and death certificates for data collection purposes. We encourage you to review the Public Health Services Reporting Tips to ensure complete and accurate documentation of SIDS services and support.

  • Report Form (pdf 384kb)
  • Report of Contact Form (pdf 249kb)
  • Instructions for Completing the Forms (pdf 51kb)
  • Definitions (pdf 24kb)
  • Public Health Services Reporting Tips (pdf 43kb)

  • Both forms must be filled out and returned within 30 days of the infant's death to:

    California SIDS Program
    UCSF School of Nursing
    2 Koret Way Box 0606
    San Francisco, CA 94143-0606
    800-369-SIDS (7437)
    Fax: 415-753-2161


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