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California Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Program
                                         Toll-free within California: 800-369-SIDS (7437)

                                    Email: CASIDSProgram@cce.csus.edu


Welcome to the California Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Program website. This site is designed to serve the many individuals affected by a SIDS death, and to educate the public about SIDS. You will find a wide variety of information on our site, including Grief & Bereavement resources, SIDS Facts, and infant care practices for Reducing the Risk of SIDS.

  We will continue to serve the SIDS community with CDPH MCAH at the helm, guidance from the State SIDS Advisory Council and the visionary legislation that serves as the foundation for SIDS services and support.  
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CDPH Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Program
Access the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) website to locate data, resources and updates related to SIDS and risk reduction.
State SIDS Advisory Council

November 19, 2015 34th Annual California Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Program Conference
In Los Angeles California. Register online now!
See what activities the Council is undertaking to improve SIDS services, education and research in California.
Plan Now for October SIDS Awareness Month
Discover ways to promote SIDS awareness and risk reduction/safe sleep in your community this October.
Grief Support
Locate SIDS/SUID bereavement organizations in your community offering an array of services and assistance including online grief support.
California Adopts Safe To Sleep Campaign Materials
Obtain these free SIDS and other sleep-related infant death risk reduction resources from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).
SIDS Coordinators
Identify the trained public health professional in your local health department who provides SIDS support, services and education.

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