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Grief and Bereavement

 Whether you are the parent of a baby who has died of SIDS, a family member, caregiver, or friend to a SIDS family, the sudden death of your baby is an enormous shock. Every detail of what happened plays over and over in your mind. The loss hurts deep inside, and it is hard to believe that your baby is dead. Grieving can be very personal and lonely.

 We hope that some of the information you will find in this section of our website will help you in the grieving process.

  • Crisis Support: These brief one to three page handouts provide helpful grief and coping information to help those who have had a sudden unexpected infant loss.

  • Support and Services: You will find information for agencies/organizations providing grief and bereavement support, resources and other services to assist those impacted by the death of an infant/child.

  • SIDS Facts : This section will provide you with the latest SIDS statistics and what we do know about SIDS.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: You will find answers to questions frequently asked by newly bereaved parents and others affected by a SIDS death.

  • SIDS Coordinators : You will find a list of healthcare Professionals who serve the SIDS community in your area. They are trained to assist with materials, resources, information and support for newly bereaved parents.

  • Bereavement Materials: You can view, download, and reproduce pamphlets from the California SIDS Program which cover subjects such as planning your baby's funeral, understanding grief and the grieving process following a SIDS death, and how to talk to other children about a baby's death.

  • Training and Conferences: You will find information on upcoming SIDS educational opportunities designed for SIDS parents, childcare providers, emergency personnel, public health nurses, and other healthcare professionals.


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