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The California SIDS Program offers a variety of educational opportunities to professionals involved with SIDS. Trainings and the Annual SIDS Conference provide awareness about SIDS, current research theories and foster the dissemination of risk reduction information. Community based outreach projects augment the Program’s ongoing SIDS awareness/risk reduction campaigns. Visit our calendar for the dates and locations of educational programs.
  • Training: We provide SIDS training programs for emergency/public health professionals at no cost. These educational sessions offer information and resources essential to compassionately and effectively interact and support those affected by a SIDS death.

  • Annual California SIDS Conference: The Conference is held every October in observance of SIDS Awareness Month. This daylong event is an opportunity for professionals, SIDS parents, family members and others affected by and involved with SIDS, to come together to learn and network in a supportive environment.

  • Community Events and Projects: Local communities provide special educational campaigns and activities to increase the public’s awareness of SIDS and risk reduction measures. View examples of what some California communities are doing to help educate the public about SIDS and other infant sleep related injuries/deaths.

  • SIDS Coordinators Public health professionals in each of the State’s sixty-one local health jurisdictions provide SIDS services, support and educational outreach within their communities. Contact the SIDS Coordinator in your local health department to obtain more information.

  • SIDS Support Services: An array of organizations offer valuable information about current research findings, bereavement and relevant issues concerning SIDS and other sudden unexpected infant deaths. Access this listing of local, state and national agencies/ organizations to learn more about available community based outreach programs, services and educational resources.
  • The SIDS Handbook for Public Health Professionals is an instructional manual designed for newly appointed SIDS Coordinators. It covers a variety of SIDS related topics including: current research, SIDS legislation, coroners’ responsibilities, protocols for providing mandated support services, and instructions for completing required reports. The handbook provides grief and bereavement information, statistical data about SIDS, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) SIDS risk reduction recommend

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